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Our Story

John & Jennifer Ely

John & Jennifer Ely

People often ask us, "How did you discover alpacas?" 


We fell in love with alpacas, and alpaca people, during a visit to our community Farmer’s Market. It was there we met local breeders who introduced us to these engaging animals and their interesting lifestyle. After months of research and visiting with countless breeders across the country, we were convinced of the financial benefits and tangible joys of alpaca ownership.   

That was over thirteen years ago and we’re still having a blast. In that time we have… 

  • met lovely clients who have become good friends

  • raised and sold many gorgeous alpacas 

  • added superior genetics through outstanding herdsires

  • brought home ribbons from regional shows

  • developed eight revenue streams from our initial business plan 

  • surrounded ourselves with successful breeder friends who could speak into our success

And along the way we discovered our own niche… mentoring new owners. It’s a privilege helping people add alpacas to their lives… pets, hobby, fiber herds, breeding stock. Come see how we enjoy every day on the farm with these magical creatures, and how you can too! Farm tours daily by appointment. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

After visiting our farm, you may also enjoy the 30+ wineries in our area, as well as our many fine restaurants and fun shopping. Want to stay? We've arranged special discounts for visitors at our favorite hotels and delightful B&Bs. 

When you visit, expect to be thoroughly enchanted by these engaging animals; expect to enjoy relaxing conversation and welcome refreshments; expect to have your questions answered and your desires met; expect to fall in love with alpacas, and, hopefully, alpaca people!  

Mission Statement

To breed alpacas of exceptional conformation, fleece and disposition
To form strong bonds with new and existing breeders, sharing knowledge to equip success
To support the growth of our national livestock and fiber industries
To have a blast doing it!

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